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Organic wines: Marketing or idealism ?

I’m at the Biofach World Organic Trade Fair (where organic people meet) presenting wines and cava from Eudald Massana Noya, Penedès.
Eudald is the 9th generation in his family that are true to organic agriculture. Eudald never learned anything else. He saw his father and grand father working without herbicides and learned about biodynamic when he was a child.
What is the main reason to produce organic wines ? To sell more ? To add an extra value to your wines ? Or is it a philosophy, a way of living. Being sensitive to nature and your health ?
Years ago organic agriculture was associated to hippies that grew their own vegetables and walked around in woollen self made socks. Today nobody knows anymore what kind of artificial additives (E-&hellipWinking are in food and beverage. And why it would be a problem for your health.

Here at the Biofach world’s most important organic fair you can see clearly that being sensitive to organic products is a way of living. People need to get back to basics. The luxury of finding at your corner a world food supermarket has been replacing the local farmer that provides you with food from your area. The popular 'slow food' movement is bringing people back to their earth, their surrounding nature and ‘terroir’ where they live on.

And what about biodynamic viticulture ? A knowledge as ancient as the human being. The influence of the moon, the sun, energy streams and magnetic fields.
JoanMila2 10-02-09
A while ago somebody asked Joan Mila what he thinks about biodynamic wine making. Here is his answer:
“I remember once I was in a Crypt in Toulouse about five years ago where I saw a bunch of biodynamic wine makers scratching their back against the central pillar that was bearing the construction. According to them this would bring positive energy to their wine fields.” No further comment.