The Wine Merchant in Shanghai (2)
The Code.
As a producer our wines reach the consumer through importers and distributors. If we can establish direct communication with the consumer and create demand, importers would be calling us to distribute our wines.
Nobody can explain the story behind a wine better then the bodega owner or wine maker himself, but of course how do we reach the consumer directly, and can we do it in his language, and can he reach us ?
YES ! The answer is the code.
Somosene, a design and communication studio in Barcelona I regularly collaborate with came up with one of the smartest ideas I’ve seen lately. For the bodega Cingles Blaus from Montsant they designed a new corporate image and incorporated the code in all labels. These codes, from Japanese origin was used in industry to track packages or add information for assembly, production, etc. and is read by a device or such a common thing as a mobile phone.
Cingles Blaus is a modern, upcoming Montsant bodega that produces high personality wines for curious and demanding wine consumers, often young people in search for something new and exciting. This young generation of wine drinkers are children of the new technology (internet, mobile phone) and spend money on quality wines they discover on their search to knowledge, experience and above all enjoying live. They spend an average of 15 € on a quality bottle of wine (proceeding from any wine region in the world) but before buying the wine they want the opportunity to taste it. So image you are in a restaurant and the sommelier recommends you an excited wine you fall in love with, the code makes it super-easy to store information where to find this wine. The consumer just makes a picture of the code and goes home with all the information he needs as well as being in direct contact with the producer.
At Shanghai wine fair I presented the code-label of Cingles Blaus to producers, DO’s, governmental entities and of course consumers and they are all quite exciting about it. It has endless possibilities and when you start to think about it ideas are infinite.
Cingles Blaus is the first bodega on Spanish territory that incorporates the code and shows the world what wine making is about: communication, like a painter through his paintings, like a musician through his music, like a wine maker through his wine.